About us

Chicken Group Ltd was founded in 2001, in Burgas. The company specializes in poultry meat processing. The successful growth of Chicken Group Ltd has become the reason for the building of a completely new production facility for meat processing that meets all European requirements. It has more than 3,000 cubic meters of refrigeration premises, and the production and auxiliary premises cover more than 2,000 square meters.

On the territory of the city of Burgas, Chicken Group Ltd. has its own distribution network of company stores, where we offer the full range of frozen, chilled, boiled-smoked and baked poultry products.

The best for you
for more than 20 years

Modern production unit meeting all European standards

An area of 3000 m3 for storage and refrigeration

20 tons production capacity per day


The production capacity of our plant is 20 t of products per day. The entire distribution process – from planning to delivery – is under the continuous supervision of our team of experts and in compliance with the relevant quality standards. The quality of the raw materials and the safety of the finished products are monitored by out own laboratory unit. The HACCP and ISO 22000:2005 integrated systems ensure the excellent quality of the raw materials used in production and of the finished products.

Management team

We have a young and energetic team of managers. Their ambitions to make Chicken Group Ltd a leader in this industry are based on their professional experience gained at the company and their qualifications awarded by prestigious universities.

Partners and customers

The company does business solely with companies which have certified quality systems for the safety of food products. All our products are subjected to strict control procedures before entering the distribution network. The regulatory framework for food standards that we strictly adhere to is a requirement which we are all well aware of.
In 2010 we started selling our products to customers in Romania, Greece, Poland, Germany, France and other European countries.

Modern production technology and equipment

In 2011, we invested EUR 1.5 million for the purchase of entirely new production equipment, and in 2014 we started to sell meat on doner kebab spits.

We have a specialized meat production unit

We have a specialized meat production unit where most of the products are handmade. We complete personalized orders for customers we have signed contracts with. Our production capacity allows us to make large quantities of handmade products.

Integrity and customers’ confidence are of paramount importance for us

The successful growth of our company rests on our good knowledge of our customers’ needs and requirements. We have introduced a feedback system and we are constantly monitoring the market trends and developing new products. Our integrity and our customers’ confidence in the products are of paramount importance for us.